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Featuring medical devices and diagnostic companies in Canada, the US, the UK and Germany; searchable by country and state/province on BioDevicesBiz

$150 CDN/year $150 US/year

ONLINE PAYMENT: CanBiotech accepts both Visa and MasterCard. Customers will be billed in Canadian Dollars by CanBiotech. CanBiotech does not offer refunds, but ensures that the product/service received is as advertised.

Contact CanBiotech for assistance. CanBiotech's contact information will also be available on the receipt issued.


The BioDevicesBiz Directory contents cannot be reproduced and redistributed.

CanBiotech reserves the right to permanently remove directory subscribers from the site and subscription if notified about infringements and/or spamming of directory members. Removal from CanBiotech-precludes access to all networks including CanBiotech, AgrifoodBiz, BioDevicesBiz, BioOntario, UBioMed as well as all other CanBiotech networks. 

By purchasing the BioDevicesBiz directory annual subscription, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

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